The Church was organized in 1846.

In October, 1846, a few Baptists residing in the Adams, New York area met in a school house on Spring Street to organize a Baptist Church.  On November 14, under the leadership of the Rev. Charles Clark, pastor of the Honeyville Baptist Church, 29 Baptists officially formed The Adams Village Baptist Church.  The Rev. Clark resigned his position in Honeyville to take charge of the new Church which doubled its membership in the next six months.

A building was begun the following spring and dedicated on October 9, 1847.  It was a wooden structure, 40×60 feet, built on the same site as the present structure.  The front of the Church was a portico with six graceful pillars.  A rail fence bounded the Church lot.  Records differ as to the cost: one says $2,000 and other $3,500.

By 1869 the congregation had outgrown the Church building, and during the winter of 1870-71, under the leadership of Rev. S.P. Merrill, $15,000 was pledged for the purpose of building a new and larger Church.  On August 4, 1871, the cornerstone was laid.  The new Church was dedicated October 9, 1872.  The total cost was approximately $30,000, one-half of which was contributed by the Kenyon family.  The old wooden Church was moved to Main Street until it was razed in 1880.

From 1921 until 1925, the Methodist, Baptist, and Presbyterian Churches met together in the Baptist Church under the leadership of the Methodist minister, The Rev. E. J. Lavis, because the Methodist Church had been destroyed by fire and the others were without ministers.

In 1927, the sanctuary was redecorated and the 19 memorial windows were installed.  The kitchen was moved downstairs to the session room.  The Church spires were removed from the front roof of the Church because it was cheaper to take them down than to maintain them and a new roof was put on.

During his pastorate (1938-45) the Rev. George Brow painted the two murals in the sanctuary.

In 1953, a Sunday School wing was added, and the sanctuary was redecorated, a financial project totaling $20,000.

In 1977, the sanctuary and session room were repainted, and in 1981 the kitchen was remodeled.

The Rev. W.F. Burton achieved the longest pastorate in the history of the Church, retiring in 1978 after 30 years of service.   He was succeeded by the Rev. Peter S. Bolster who served the Church from 1978 to 1983. Rev. Phillip Shear followed him as interim until the Rev. Robert Sienkiewicz came.  He was ordained during his ministry from 1984 to 1987 until the Rev. Dr. Fran Breton arrived later in 1988.  She served until 1993.  Rev. Jim Dick served as interim from 1993 to 1995.

In 1995 the Rev. Dr. N. Bud Masters began his ministry at the Church.

In 1996, the Church family celebrated the 150th Anniversary.  There was a banner hung across Main Street acknowledging the 150th year and Church family from all over came to the celebration.  At this time we began using the phrase. “A Heritage of Faith & Commitment” as our theme, as suggested to us by Rev. Jim Dick during his interim ministry.  Pam Rhodes Fowler painted a mural depicting the history of our Church building.  It was dedicated at this time and hangs in our session room.

In the vestibule bequeathed paintings of Mary Kenyon Sinclair and Mary Keep Kenyon now are hanging along with the portrait of Henry O. Kenyon, and painting of Lyla Belloff (who served 43 years as School Superintendent). There hang photographs of John & Polly Brown Penny, charter members, Eileen Wilson, first woman deacon, Marietta Holley, as well as Millie Carter, who served 50 plus years a Nursery School Teacher, and Ruth Sinclair, who was a member from her joining the Church in 1925 until her death in 2007.  Rev. William F. Burton passed away in 1999 and his picture hangs in the sanctuary.

In 2004, railings were added to the pulpit. The Choir and young ladies of the Church were videotaped for a documentary film on former member Marietta Holley that was shown on PBS.

The year 2005 brought repairs to the brickwork at the front entrance of the Church and fund raising for a major restoration to our organ.

The total rebuilding of the organ occurred in 2005-2006.  New pews and addition of a banister

Repair of stained glass windows, especially the large round window over the main entrance.

Installation of a metal roof was completed on the main building in 2011 and on the Sunday School part of the building in 2012.

After 17 years of service Rev. Dr. N. Bud Masters retired in June of 2012.

Rev. Paul Smith currently served as interim Pastor while the congregation searched for a new minister.

Rev. Tom Tharp came on board as the new minister of The Adams Village Baptist Church in July of 2013.